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With a wide variety of options to fit every idea you have Glass Brickwarehouse has you covered, whether your next project is industrial, commercial or home.


Traditional Installation

To install glass blocks more quickly and easily, Glass Brickwarehouse has a range of plastic spacers on offer to create evenly spaced joints and to reduce the risk of rods and sides of glass blocks coming into contact.

Traditional installation is carried out using a ratio of 3 sand & 1 cement mix.
Alternatively, traditional mortar mixed with wash pit sand cement or similar (class 3.25) can be used. Plastic spacers, stainless steel rods can also be used.



& Benefits

90 percent of glass block installations are done using the Ezylay Glass Block Installation Silicone System.  It is super easy to use and perfect for DIYers.

  • Allows expansion and contraction of the glass blocks within the framework, whilst maintaining rigidity in the panel
  • Ensures that the silicone joints are uniform resulting in an aesthetically pleasant finish
  • Have been tested for wind-loading and water penetration
  • Have 3mm translucent joints
  • Easy to install and therefore reduce labour time
  • Easy to use as there is no mixing of any material
  • Can improve insulation and thermal properties
  • Can be laid and dismantled easily for temporary partitioning or backdrops, also for design concepts (without silicone sealant)

Components of the Ezylay Silicone System:

  • Ezylay Aluminium Frame
  • Ezylay Silicone System connectors
  • Ezylay Aluminium Stiffener bar
  • Ezylay Silicone Sealant
  • Ezylay Expansion Foam

Components of the Ezylay Mortar System:

  • Ezylay Aluminium Frame
  • Ezylay Mortar System connectors
  • Ezylay Premix Mortar
  • Ezylay Silicone Sealant
  • Ezylay Expansion Foam
  • Galvanised Reinforcing Rods

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