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With over 20 years over experience & knowledge in the Glass Brick Technology Industry we are your trusted and most reliable supplier in South Africa.

We have installed & supplied Glass Bricks for major companies and homes, we are your Go To Company for Glass Bricks & Installation 

Fire Resistant

For applications that demand high safety standards, bullet-resistant glass block offers firearm protection up to the FB7 category (.308 Winchester), which includes the high-powered pistols and rifles used in international ballistic standard tests (EN1522).

Fire Resistant

Fire-resistant glass block offers high thermal stability, protecting both vertical and horizontal structures and facades from smoke and fire. Options include 30-, 60-, or 90-minute flame and gas resistance (E); insulation to limit heat transmission (EI); and resistance to heat transmission under load (REI) in accordance with international standards.

Light Control

Designers now have complete control over light direction and diffusion with the possibility of of transmitting solar energy and natural light on a 40-80% scale. Intrinsic light guiding properties enable the illumination of light towards specific orientations, while diffusing properties minimize direct light in favor of homogenous, diffused effects.

Sound Proof

Acoustically-insulated glass block meets the international standards for sound noise limits by isolating environments and reducing background noise (up to 49 dB). Soundproofed glass can be selected according to project type such as residential, commercial, or industrial (homes, office buildings, libraries, retail stores, etc.)

Thermal Insulation

It’s now possible to build architectural facades made entirely of thermallyinsulated, high-performance glass block designed to conserve energy and safeguard the environment. Horizontal Technology Integration (HTI) reduces heat dispersion through the glass block walls, while energy-saving (ES) technologies reduce a standard glass block’s thermal transmittance up to U=1.1 W/m2 K.

Pavers & Tiles

For realizing horizontal projects such as roofs, bridges, walkways, underground applications, and any external space that requires additional light, a wide variety of pavers and tiles with thermal insulation, mechanical and fire resistance, and the ability to handle higher loads are readily available. Additional options include solar panels that power LED lights, and the Marseille roofing tile, designed for safety and maximum transparency.


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No matter what project you have be it Green, Commercial, Industrial or Home, GLASS BRICKS can handle and suit every need.

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